ATTENTION! IF THE GAME IS ACTING WONKY SIMPLY RELOAD THE SITE. Hey everyone, thanks for the mountain of support I've received so far for this project! It's no where near done but I'll be working on it until we're all satisfied! There will be multiple paths throughout the game, including two end goals here. The game is a black and white retro platformer with constant motion starring Mushroom Kid! Make sure you check out my page for links to my Twitter and YouTube accounts to get more frequent updates. If you'd like to help me out by donating it would mean the world to me as I'm working on a lot of projects. Lastly, please leave comments on anything related to the game, I'd love to read them and interact!  


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Challenging but fun. Great job. I'll share it around. Good luck.

Thank you so much! I can’t wait to add the first update! 


Challenging and great game, I'm excited for more levels and improvement ^^ Amazing  game from a amazing game developer, congratulations!!!


I notice a few things...

When I click the website button the browser attempts to load 5 popup windows. Is this intended or is it supposed to only popup one?

the spacebar for jump causes the page to jump. maybe it needs a full screen button?

Thanks for the feedback! This is my first time uploading. It is only supposed to load one page. I noticed when the game first loads, reload the page and it plays correctly. Once I find out how to do full screen mode I absolutely will! Mobile controls and fixed birb platform collisions coming in the next update, hopefully within a few days. Please stay tuned! 


I think there's a checkbox in your settings for your upload page you can click give it full screen.

Awesome!! I’ll be looking for that soon. Thanks a bunch!